TMG Children is dedicated to support the little ones with enjoyable experiences in reading and learning. Our belief that reading, creative engagement and free play are essential for children to realise their full potential is felt in every pages of our monthly reads.

Kids unleash their creativity and talent through the activities that they do. Kids are active. They unleash their creativity and talent through the activities they indulge in. Kids love to be creatively engaged and experience fun and joy when they use their inborn creativity and curiosity. Little do they realise it is not only fun but also learning!

Embracing multi-cultural values and philosophies, supporting equal opportunities for every child, we serve children in their aspirations and enthusiasm to explore the world they live in and endorse their efforts to creatively re-shaping the world they are to lead.

We believe every child deserves the best reading start in life. Therefore, we support them by considering the developmental stages of every child. Our reads are age and grade-appropriate — Mekids Junior – A preschool essential (Ages 3-5), Mekids – Sowing the learning seeds in primary children (Ages 5-8) and The Youngest – A scholarly read for life skills (Ages 8-14).

Our reads expand well beyond the curriculum fostering children’s natural curiosity and inspire a love of learning and encourage a thoughtful, balanced take on life.

Children are the only future the human race has. Future world is in children’s hands. Hence we strive to be of support to the present for a better tomorrow.