Reads and Rewards is a READING APPRENTICESHIP aimed at IMPROVING SCHOOL EDUCATION by imparting reading skills development and abilities refinement. It is developed to encourage children, parents and educators to impart reading skills in children at all school levels. It integrates reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, so that they reinforce each other and prepare the child to reap the full benefit of education.

The Life-Enhancing Benefits

Reading is the best way to promote students’ academic success and bolster their self-confidence and sense of well-being. Skillful, critical, and voluminous reading leads to a successful academic career and a happy, productive life.

Focused on the five key pillars of literary achievement: Early Literacy, Family Involvement, and Access to Books, Expanded Learning, and Mentoring Partnerships, Reads and Rewards offers literacy solutions supporting schools, communities and families.

While extended reads increase student’s exposure to English outside the classroom the complimenting nature of their reads builds confidence and motivation in students. They get a real kick out of this very obvious realisation of improvement, progress and accomplishment with the monthly and annual rewards. It does wonders for their motivation and general positive attitude towards their studies.

Reading widely and reading fluently will give children the reading stamina to deal with more challenging texts they will meet in college, at work, and in everyday life. And every child builds literacy confidence — the ability to read, write, and speak about what they know, what they feel, and who they are.

It will equip young readers in the digital era to know how to analyse, interpret, and understand information, to separate fact from opinion, and to have deep respect for logical thinking.

The reading and writing opportunities with Reads and Rewards will enable all young readers to have a reading and writing identity and help them understand who they are and how they can make their lives better- “You Are What You Read.” Read More..