To give our readers the full benefit of their childhood with enjoyable reading experience and thereby contributing a well-refined, well-cultured society.

We celebrate the publication of inspirational reads, creative ideas and empowerment of children in all areas of life by instilling the love of reading.


Aids in capacity building and skills development by forging strong bonds among all stakeholders involved – parents-children-mentors.

Be a role model – through our well-crafted, age appropriate-magazines where children explore life skills, catch up with the latest information, express their creativity and mould them to become agents of change and contributors of nation building.


A gift for time-challenged parents who may feel guilty about missing special moments with their kids. Reading time rekindles an emotional closeness between parent and the child. A perfect way to bond with your children is to read with them.

Reading builds the enthusiasm and skills for lifelong learning. Schools with a reading culture are places where mentors and students read and are encouraged to read and develops strong relationships.